HOMENEWSPress Release

Subject COWON – No.1 in Global Customer Satisfaction in PMP Date 2010.06.28
June 28, 2010, Seoul – COWON System (CEO Nam-Gyu Park, www.cowon.com) has announced on the 28th that it has ranked number one on the ‘2010 Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index’ held by JMA Consultants, in PMP.

Held every year to evaluate the customer-value-oriented management of the Korean industries, JMA Consultants’ Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI) forms groups of customer satisfaction assessment experts, establishes an assessment model appropriate to the global standards, and selects companies with outstanding global competency in eight countries throughout the world including the USA.

GCSI evaluates several factors such as the customer satisfaction factor, added value for customers, global competency and faithfulness. Cowon was evaluated to have achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction in each of the areas, and was selected as the number one company in PMP.

What allowed Cowon to receive such favorable evaluation at this year’s GCSI is seen to be the various customer service activities with customer satisfaction as the top priority. Not only does Cowon focus on refining the most minute of details and achieving a high level of perfection right from the designing of a new product to the moment of its release under the motto “Always creating a product that will bring new joy to customers', Cowon also focuses on the post-sales improvement of the level of customer satisfaction by consistently adding new functions through firmware upgrades.

Based on such effort, Cowon is actually receiving favorable reviews on its products as well as the company itself. In 2009, Cowon placed number one on the Korean Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (KCSI) in MP3 Player held by KMA Consulting. The HD portable multimedia player, ‘COWON V5’ was selected as the Product of the Year in Russia. Cowon also received the Hidden Champion grand prize from the Korea Exim Bank. With feats such as these, Cowon is assessed to have well-rounded competency as the number one company on the Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index.

“We will continue with our various customer support services to keep our customers satisfied,” said Jong-Gwan Kim, the executive director of the Strategy & Planning department at Cowon System. “We will do our best to become a market-leading company recognized both domestically and abroad.”