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Subject COWON Introduces Smart MP3 Player, ‘COWON Z2’ Date 2012.01.19
Amidst the hectic activity of creating black boxes for motor vehicles and smartphone applications, COWON introduces its first new MP3 product of 2012.

COWON System (CEO Nam-Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) has announced the new, Android-based smart MP3 player, ‘COWON Z2’, to be released on the 26th of this month.

Boasting the best multimedia performance in its class through the powerful video playback and the new realistic sound field, ‘Z2’ comes with maximized functionality through the Android OS and a variety of apps.

The beefed-up CPU with 1 Ghz of horsepower and the video processor for Full HD video and 3D graphics greatly increase the processing power for various apps as well as multimedia contents.

First of all, as is expected from a new product by COWON Systems, the powerful, PMP-class multimedia capacity is worthy to note.

The 3.7-inch AMOLED display delivers Full HD videos without conversion, and the large (4+ GB) file transfer capacity and the HDMI output can also turn the unit into a home-based media player.
Also, the storage capacity can be extended up to 32 GB with a microSD card.

Also, ‘Z2’ introduces ‘JetEffect 5’ for the first time, the upgraded version of COWON’s own ‘JetEffect 3.0’.
‘JetEffect 5’ comes with top-notch reverb effects, providing a total of 48 preset sound fields through enhanced spatial settings and nine reverb modes.
With the new ‘JetEffect 5’, users can now choose from a greater selection of tones to suit their preference.

‘Z2’ also boasts increased functionality through the Android OS and a variety of apps.

The unit can also handle SNS apps (‘KakaoTalk’, ‘COWON T-Message’, ‘Twitter’) and VOIP functions, as well as web surfing and emailing over Wi-Fi.

‘Z2’ not only provides services such as ‘Olleh Market’ and ‘uCloud’ from KT, ‘Membership Wallet’ from SKT, and ‘Daum TV Pot’, it also comes equipped with study aids such as English to Korean, Korean to English, and Korean dictionaries from Doosan Dong-a, English vocabulary app ‘Word Up’, ‘Kyobo eBook’, and a scientific calculator.

The design, which won the world-renowned ‘2012 iF Design Awards’ last year in October, is also worthy to note.

The simple, straight-lined front is connected with a curve to the rear side with reduced area. This keeps the unit slim and produces the ‘floating’ effect. Also, the integrated port cover doubles as a stand when viewing videos, and users can intuitively handle the unit with side buttons even without turning the screen on.

“With greater hardware horsepower, Z2 comes with maximum multimedia playback capacity. It also comes with the usual strengths unique to COWON products such as new JetEffects, distinguished design and sensible UI,“ said Nam-Kyu Park, the CEO of COWON Systems. “With the new, Android-based series coming out during the first half of the year, we will take on the market more aggressively.”

To celebrate the release of the new MP3 player, COWON plans to hold a celebratory event on its website (www.cowon.com) until February 26th. Prizes to be given away include ‘Z2’ and ‘Sound Capsules’.

‘Z2’ comes in black and white. Depending on the storage capacity (8GB/16GB/32GB), the price ranges from 259,000 wons to 339,000 wons.‘