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Subject COWON Introduces Longest-Playing Sound Power House, 'COWON X9' Date 2012.07.13
COWON Systems (CEO Nam-Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) will be introducing the super player 'COWON X9' ('X9' hereafter) on the coming 13th.

A sequel to the mega-capacity player 'COWON X7', 'X9' lives up to the reputation of the 'super' product line and provides powerful multimedia features with longer playback time, further-improved superb sound, and the 4.3-inch touch screen.

The most noteworthy of all is the maximized playback time.

Designed to use minimal power, 'X9' can play music for 110 hours, a 200% improvement over against previous MP3 players. It also provides up to 13 hours of video playback and 600 hours of standby time. With this long-lasting battery life, 'X9' is expected to gain popularity among avid multimedia fans who enjoy a variety of contents including music and video.

'X9' also comes equipped with 'JetEffect 5', COWON's very own realistic sound field system that the company introduced earlier this year.

With a total of 48 presets along with the high-quality reverb effect that comes with 9 different modes and outstanding spatial perception, consumers can enjoy their favorite music with the optimal tone to suit their preference.

The large screen and the variety of dictionary contents also make 'X9' an excellent language study aid.

'X9' comes with standard English-Korean and Korean-English dictionaries. Depending on the model, it also comes with dictionaries for 4 other languages including Chinese and Japanese, providing a total of 8 dictionaries. Furthermore, 'X9' boasts Korea's most comprehensive support for major internet lecture sites, essential to test-takers.

The sensible and simple body design and the user-friendly UI adds convenience to visual satisfaction.

The slim bezel increases the screen size while minimizing the overall size, providing an excellent multimedia viewing environment and superb portability.

The intuitive placement of external buttons makes 'X9' easy to use, and the accelerometer makes for easy screen rotation. Furthermore, peripheral features such as radio, built-in speakers, voice recording, and document/image viewer increase utility.

''COWON X9' comes equipped with COWON's unique high-quality sound and powerful playback capacity,' said CEO Nam-Kyu Park. 'With the distinguished convenience of viewing a variety of contents without worrying about battery life, we believe that 'X9' will fare well in the multimedia player market.'

COWON plans to put on a commemorative event for a month starting July 16th. Share 'X9' introduction page from COWON's official website (www.cowon.com) on your blog or SNS to win a prize, including 'Q7', 'X9', C2, and Sound Capsule, among others.

'X9' comes in white. The price will range from 199,000 Won (16 GB) to 249,000 Won (32 GB) depending on the capacity.