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Subject COWON releases hybrid earphones with dual driver, ‘EH2’ Date 2013.04.29
COWON has fundamentally advanced to the high-end earphones market.

COWON Systems (CEO Nam-Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) announced on the 29th that it would be releasing hybrid earphones with a dual driver, the ‘COWON EH2 (‘EH2’ hereafter).’

‘EH2’ includes a BA unit, a top resolution driver for high sounds, and a dynamic driver for magnificent low base sounds, which are combined with unique and intricate COWON tuning technology to provide a hi-fi sound that is exactly like the original sound.

The earphones contain a two-way speaker structure consisting of a tweeter and a woofer to create a wide range balance from highly dense and strong low sounds to detailed medium sounds to clear high sounds. Therefore, consumers can enjoy all genres of music at a reference level, from trendy music that emphasizes the bass to classical and jazz.

‘EH2’ has clearly high resolution and recreates even the tremble of an instrument or the breath of a musician in a delicate way, making it seem as if customers are actually listening to music at a concert.

The product includes a 24K gold plated plug that minimizes signal interference and noise, and a dust filter for product protection. The comfortable silicone ear caps block unnecessary noise effectively, providing an optimal music listening environment even in the noisy outdoors.

The flexible fabric cable prevents it tangling and disconnection, and a cable stopper is included to keep it tidy.

The sophisticated modern minimalist design is another point that catches the eye.
A firm metal housing is used to contain the sound that is very close to the original sound. The metal body is also resistant to external shock and creates harmony with the red fabric cable, providing visual satisfaction.

A foam tip, 9 types of ear caps according to material and size, a pouch, dust eliminating brush, phone jack and gender are also included.

“‘EH2’ is a high quality premium earphone product that integrates the sound tuning technology of COWON. It recreates the original sound with excellent resolution and provides a sound of a different level from general earphones,” said Nam-Kyu Park, the CEO of COWON. “We plan not only to launch devices, but also to continuously release products in the earphones market, befitting of our reputation for our renowned sound quality.”

COWON plans to hold a shocking sales event to celebrate the release of ‘EH2,’ providing the first customers to purchase the product through 11th Street (www.11st.co.kr) or the company website (www.cowon.com) with ‘BP2,’ COWON’s large capacity supplementary battery.

The price of ‘EH2’ will be 199,000 won.