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Subject COWON to Release High Resolution full-touch LCD Black Box, ‘Auto Capsule AE1’ Date 2013.05.06
COWON is fundamentally expanding its automotive black box line-up.

COWON Systems (CEO Nam-Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) revealed that it would release a high resolution full-touch LCD black box, the ‘Auto Capsule AE1 (‘AE1’ hereafter)’ on the coming 3rd.

‘AE1’ is the COWON’s first black box model equipped with a 2.8-inch wide viewing angle LCD touch display. It improves user convenience by including HD level lenses with high specifications and memory safety management features.

The highly durable and high quality wide viewing angle LCD allows the customer to check recorded videos real-time without having to connect it to a separate device, and the black box environment settings can be controlled by touching the screen, making usage more convenient. The LCD plays recorded files right away, and the on-screen display shows important file information such as record mode, date/time and automotive battery voltage.

The 2 million-pixel CMOS image sensor camera not only provides excellent videos during the day, but also provides high-quality clear HD (1280X720p) videos of 30 frames per second at night. Effective power management and a heat distribution structure minimize heating and secure stable recordings.

When parking, ‘AE1’ records in one of two modes set by the customer - the 'intelligent motion detection recording' mode, which records upon detecting movement at the front, or the 'consecutive recording' mode.

Another advantage of ‘AE1’ is the improved and diverse convenience features.
An internal power circuit is included so there is no need for a separate device, and the automatic power off function protects the batteries and helps prevent the automotive batteries from going dead. Memory management optimize the memory card performance is also easier through functions such as independent format, format reservation and self-diagnosis.

A variety of additional features are also impeccably included, such as an external GPS, motorcycle mode, movement conditions on the LED and voice guides, product protection in high temperatures, back-up batteries, and audio recordings.

The minimalist design that looks like a camera is not only friendly, but also has a sophisticated feel with the sensual color combination of black and mystic and a perfect finish. The digital clock mode is useful as the customer can check the time conveniently while driving.

“With ‘AE1’, you can check videos or control it through LCD, and anyone can use the product easily even if they are not used to digital devices,” said COWON CEO Nam-Kyu Park. “Our product line-up has expanded from diffusion products to Wi-Fi products, and even models with LCD, so we now plan to target the black box market in a more aggressive way to establish a position as a leading black box company.”