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Subject COWON Releases Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC, ‘COWON SP2’ Date 2013.10.30
COWON Systems (CEO Nam-Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) announced that it will release the portable Bluetooth speaker with high quality sound, ‘COWON SP2 (‘SP2’ hereafter)’ on the 30th.

‘SP2’ can easily connect wireless to various devices including smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops and MP3 players through an NFC sensor and Bluetooth 4.0. It also includes a high performance portable speaker for the customer to enjoy high quality stereo sound.

The NFC sensor included at the top of ‘SP2’ can be used to easily connect to devices that support NFC through Bluetooth, such as smart phones, with ‘one-touch pairing.’ The AUX-IN terminal also supports wire connection to devices.

The size is small enough to be carried in small sized bags and portability is maximized with an ultra-light weight of 340g. ‘APT-X,’ a wireless high quality compressed transmission codec used in expert broadcasting equipment, is included to provide an environment where the customer can enjoy music with a detailed and strong sound.

‘SP2’ supports remote controlled AVRCP so the customer can play, stop the music or move to a different song with the top button, and comes with features such as pairing mode and smart phone voice commands with an easy touch of a button.

If a call comes in through a connected smart phone while listening to music, the top button allows consumers to switch to phone mode immediately, and the high sound quality microphone and echo elimination technology create excellent call quality.

The internal mega capacity battery of ‘SP2’ makes playing possible for up to 10 hours with just one full charge, the customer can use it conveniently for outdoor activities or on the go.

The softly curved white case and black mesh create a harmonious minimalistic design that is unique to ‘SP2’.
The depressed buttons that show the features easily, and the color LED that displays when the product needs to be charged add sophistication to convenience.

“’SP2’ is a high quality speaker with realistic sound quality, convenient portability and a sophisticated design, created based on the unique sound handling know-how of COWON,” said Nam-Kyu Park, the CEO of COWON. “We will steadily present products that continue the famous sound quality of the company in the future, too.”