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Subject COWON Black Box ‘AE1’ wins 2014 iF Design Award Main Prize Date 2014.01.28
COWON Black Box Auto Capsule ‘AE1’ (a.k.a ‘AE1’) won the Main Prize in the transportation sector of ‘2014 iF Design Award.’.
High resolution black box 'AE1' with a full-touch display features intuitive design based on minimalist design and highly-visible orange button associated with premier hand-made camera.
The delicate mechanism design secured a top and bottom ventilation structure that facilitates heat release, maximizing the product stability. Also, the product boosted user convenience through a stand and memory card protection cover with highly durable metal materials.
The 2-channel product ‘AE2’ with the performance and design of ‘AE1’ has also been well-received in the black box market at home and abroad.

The iF Design Award organized by International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany is one of the world’s top 3 design awards, along with Red Dot and IDEA, as a world-renowned international design competition with 60 years of tradition.
This year alone, 4,615 entries from 55 countries engaged in fierce competition in the iF Design Award. ‘AE1’ was well-received in all categories as follows: quality, materials, innovation, environmental friendliness, functionality, convenience, and safety. As a result, it won the Main Prize in the transportation sector.

The global design competitiveness of COWON, which has won other awards at the iF Design Award with various digital devices like MP3 and PMP, was recognized through this award for ‘AE1.’

“This is the result of our own product design capability and steady efforts,” said the CEO of COWON, Park Nam-Gyu. “We will continue to release products with attractive design that can appeal to customers emotionally.”

Meanwhile, COWON Black Box was selected as Outstanding Product by Korea Consumer Agency when it compared the performance of different black boxes in November; the functions and stability of COWON Black Box were highly evaluated.