HOMENEWSPress Release

Subject COWON Black Box selected as No. 1 product on Japanese website, ‘www.kakaku.com’ Date 2014.02.11
COWON is being well-received in the Japanese black box market.

COWON(CEO Park Namkyu, www.cowon.com) revealed that their automobile black box ‘Auto Capsule AW1 (‘AW1’ below)’ was selected as the best product on the biggest Japanese online price comparison and community website ‘www.kakaku.com’.

‘www.kakaku.com’ is the biggest electronic products price comparison website in Japan, with over 10 million users per month. The website awards a Product Award each year based on the reviews and satisfaction evaluations of their members. Since 2009, COWON has consecutively produced the best products for the MP3 and PMP categories on ‘www.kakaku.com’ for 3 years, and they elevated the status of the COWON brand even further this year as they took the title for best product in the automobile black box category too, this year.

In order to target the rapidly increasing Japanese market, due to the expansion of demand from corporate, including taxi companies, to general consumers, COWON is selling the ‘AW1’ and all its other black box products at the biggest electronics store in Japan, Yodobashi, and the automobile products shop Auto Box. COWON has strengthened its product lineup focusing on highly functional products such as the 2-channel model of the ‘AW1,’ the ‘AW2,’ and the ‘AF2,’ which includes an automatic video revision function. The company is also expanding local marketing and distribution channels through efforts such as selling a model exclusively for automobile channels for automobile dealers, and gradually increasing sales.
There are also plans for more active sales activities through the Japanese branch in the B2B market, where they are currently showing tangible results by supplying the ‘AC1’ to the Okayama Police Department.

The COWON black box, which was selected as the product with best performance at the Korea Consumer Agency evaluation in November, last year, was widely recognized for its excellent design recently when it won internationally prestigious ‘2014 iF Design Award’ for the method of transport category. It was also selected as the number one product in the Japanese market, which is well known for having finicky consumers, showing its recognition for differentiated global competitiveness in both design and performance.

Based on such competitiveness, COWON started to actively target the overseas black box markets in America and Asia, and their proportion of exports is rapidly increasing to reach more than 30 percent of total overseas sales in just one year.

CEO Park Namkyu of COWON said, “Product competitiveness that can be recognized anywhere in the world is a necessary foundation to position our company as a leading company in the highly competitive black box market,” and revealed, “We will target not just Japan but the global market more actively so we can product actual results based on our verified global competitiveness.”