HOMENEWSPress Release

Subject COWON launches 'PLENUE', High Quality Sound Player Brand Date 2014.06.13
Prior to launching its super high-fidelity players, COWON SYSTEMS, Inc.(representative : Nam Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) is making a full-fledged launch of PLENUE as its premium sound quality device.

COWON stated that PLENUE will exhibit COWON’s fundamental philosophy of pursuing innovative and attractive devices as a representative brand equipped with high-fidelity, quality performance, and high quality of high-end devices.

PLENUE is a word derived from pleasure, plenty, plenum, avenue, continue, and new. It means ‘a path that leads to a multimedia realm filled with a variety of enjoyment’.

COWON expressed that they will provide a new value for the consumers through PLENUE products that deliver professionalism, convenience, and high sound quality.

COWON also introduced its new logo design consisting of uppercase gothic fonts along with the launching of PLENUE.

The uppercase logo represents reliability and optimum value, and its design emphasizes modern and simple sentiments to provide a stylish and luxurious appearance of the products.

PLENUE was a smart player brand, which made a complete switch over to a representing high-fidelity premium device brand. The logo design is also changed in order to accommodate the new image of the brand.

Nam Kyu Park, CEO of COWON said, “We newly re-launched ‘PLENUE’ to present a new variety of enjoyment for our consumers through enhanced sound quality and innovative products”, and strongly added, “We will strive to establish a COWON exclusive premium brand value through our ultimate high-fidelity audio player.

COWON is primarily planning to enter the high-fidelity player market with ‘PLENUE 1’, which is equipped with 192kHz/24bit studio master sound source playback capability.

'PLENUE 1' utilizes a customized Linux OS, which allows a more efficient audio management in comparison to existing Android systems. Furthermore, COWON’s 20 year audio experience and knowledge is integrated in to the system to provide a crystal clear sound quality.

‘PLENUE 1’ is anticipated to become PLENUE brand’s representative device.