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Subject COWON launches 'PLENUE 1', High Resolution Audio Player Date 2014.06.17
COWON SYSTEMS, Inc.(CEO: Namkyu Park, www.cowon.com) made a full-fledged launch of ‘PLENUE 1’ as its premium sound quality device.

'PLENUE 1' is the high-fidelity audio device that plays perfect sound of the 24bit/192kHz high resolution master source recorded in studio. It is based on the COWON’s unique sound technology accumulated for 20 years. PLENUE 1 adapted embedded OS based on Cortex dual-core, enabling the high-fidelity audio play to run in more reliable and optimized conditions.

'PLENUE 1' implemented luxurious DAC (digital-to-analog converter), Burr-Brown’s PCM1792A, to fulfill the best sound quality, and also applied unique accumulated audio know-how to provide the superb specification of high ‘SNR’ (signal to noise ratio) of 120dB, ‘THD+N’ (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) of 0.0006% and ‘Stereo Crosstalk’ (interference between left and right channel) of -134dB.

FLAC, WAV source, and other various formats such as DXD, DSD with an excellent sound reproduction capability are supported as well. PLENUE 1 offers the latest JetEffect 7, a world-renowned sound control, to provide a sophisticated optimal sound by performing exquisite compensation and correction of signals. It supports optical output to provide lossless output signal data through Hi-fi amplifier, etc. Various player skins and stereo level meters add visual enjoyment while useful Gapless, Matrix Browser, Lyrics, Multi-Favorite functions upgrade users’ convenience.

An attractive product design puts additional value to the premium device. PLENUE 1 design has a blended image of a high-end audio device and luxury goods in minimalism. The product appearance consists of high quality of whole aluminum, which processed through CNC cutting and diamond cutting to complete seamless full metal unibody. The product surface handled with high strength hard anodized exterior, which adds resistance to scratch and impact. . Power button reminds of analogue audio button and the blue LED at the bottom multiples luxurious sense of the device. The device offers physical volume control buttons and touch GUIs to give more comfort to users. The size and intuitive GUIs of the device make it possible to operate the product easily with one hand avoiding a hassle of using two hands.

PLENUE 1 is equipped with a high precision TCXO to minimize unstable signal caused by temperature and voltage changes, and supports high impedance headphones by providing high output power, thus users do not need a separate headphone amplifier. Also, it comes with high speed 128GB memory embedded, micro SD card slot, and a high-resolution AMOLED touch display to maintain high quality listening environments. OTTAWAPELL leather case is provided and the leather itself is supplied by famous Italian luxury leather artisan, RINO MASTROTTO GROUP.

Namkyu Park, CEO of COWON said, “We newly re-launched ‘PLENUE’ brand to present a new horizon of enjoyment to our consumers through enhanced sound quality and innovative products”, and strongly added, “We will strive to accomplish COWON’s exclusive premium brand value through our ultimate high-fidelity audio players to come.