HOMENEWSPress Release

Subject COWON launches All-in-One MP3, ‘COWON M2’ Date 2014.10.01
On August 22nd, COWON Systems, Inc. (Representative, Nam Gyu Park, www.cowon.com) is launching the All-in-One MP3 'COWON M2', which evokes Northern European sentiments.

The ‘COWON M2’ is a slim & minimalistic design based product applying an ultra-slim bezel on a rectangular two-block body. Its body resembles a metallic exterior, and the colorful UI transition over time provides an attractive and stylish ambience. It is equipped with a touch screen LCD display boasting clear and vivid image through its16-million color and 160o wide-angle display, as well as 7 physical buttons for controlling playback, move, menu, volume, etc. This is easy for users to control the device not taking out M2 from the pocket. Another advantage of the COWON M2 is the UCI (User Created Interface) function, which provides a user-friendly environment to customize the UI according to user preference.

COWON’s exclusive realistic sound feature is also notable. The M2 is equipped with BBE+, which is recognized by world-class musicians, as well as ‘JetEffect 5’ comprised of high quality Reverb effects to deliver optimum sound quality. The 48-preset feature allows the user to configure a detailed preference setting for any situation. Also, the analog-like rotating turntable album artwork display provides added visual enjoyment.

The user can view vivid photos and videos through the wide-angle 2.8-inch display without any color-loss. The M2 is fully equipped with useful subsidiary features, such as a radio capable of overseas reception, voice recording through the high quality mic, flash player for games or utilities, and simple text viewer.

Furthermore, it is also equipped with convenient features, including an internal speaker for earphone-free sound, SD card slot for easy capacity expansion, as well as the longest continuous music playback capability in its class, which amounts to 90 hours. This device will be useful for long-distance travels or business trips.

CEO Nam Gyu Park of COWON stated, “’COWON M2’ is an authentic All-in-One MP3 introduced by COWON after a long wait” and added, “We expect a positive response in the MP3 market based on its user convenience and basic function improvements”.

‘COWON M2’ is available in Black and Dark Silver colors, with 16GB and 32GB capacities.