HOMENEWSPress Release

Subject COWON Launches detailed quality, high-resolution earphones 'EK2' Date 2014.12.03
On November 4th, COWON Systems (CEO, Nam Kyu Park, www.cowon.com) announced the introduction of the high-resolution earphones 'COWON EK2' (herein, 'EK2') equipped with built-in high-quality microphone and smartphone remote control features.

'EK2' applies a kernel structure with finely tuned air-holes to deliver rich acoustics and excellent sound quality, and it also boasts high-resolution and wide audio-frequency range.
It is equipped with a dynamic unit to provide a balanced sound from the boomy low-mids to clear high frequencies. It also applies gold-plated stereo plugs to minimize noise and signal interference, which delivers high quality sound for any musical genre.

It is equipped with built-in remote control and microphone to easily access music playback controls in the palm of your hand, and also receive incoming call while listening to music.
The cable is a flat-cable type for high durability, tangle resistance, and disconnection prevention, and it is a generous 1.2m in length for ease of use.
The cable is connected to the side of the cylindrical ear-plugs. Its modern, ergonomic design provides enhanced comfort.

COWON earphone products are popular among consumers based on its high-resolution and balanced audio quality. In March, COWON's 'EH2' and 'EM1' acquired excellent reviews in the Japanese magazine 'Appliance Review', along with Sony, Bose, and other world-renowned brands,
and it received world-recognition for its excellence.

COWON's Vice-President Myung Yong Lee stated, 'COWON's 'EK2' with exclusive detailed sound tuning technology will enhance musical enjoyment for our consumers' and added, 'We anticipate great results in the market based on its outstanding audio quality and comfortable ergonomic design.'

'EK2' is available in Clear White, Pure Red, Modern Black, and Vivid Lime.