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Subject COWON Launches Hi-Fi Audio Player ‘PLENUE 1’ Gold/Silver Edition Date 2014.12.05
COWON System (CEO, Nam Gyu Park, www.cowon.com) announced the launching of Hi-Fi audio player ‘PLENUE 1’ Gold/Silver edition, on December 2nd.

It is a color edition with Full Metal Unibody design of minimalistic sentiments, and added uniqueness through luxurious gold and silver. The gold version offers a long-lasting special value as a symbol of luxury, and the silver version is designed with a deep metallic appearance.

It is equipped with Burr-Brown’s high quality DAC (Digital Analog Converter) PCM 1792A, a stable operating system based on Cortex dual-core CPU, and world-renowned professional sound control enhancer JetEffect 7. ‘PLENUE 1’ is famous for its great audio quality and performance. It is continuing to receive positive reviews from experts and critics since it was introduced in the market, and the sales rate is consistently increasing. The introduction of the Gold/Silver edition increases its holding value, and optimistic results in the rapidly growing Hi-Fi audio player market are anticipated.

COWON CEO Nam Gyu Park stated, “We will reinforce our high quality audio player line-up with a variety of products to solidify our position as an audio expert in the premium device market.”

Meanwhile, the ‘PLENUE 1’ Gold/Silver edition’s price is equivalent to its existing product, PLENUE 1 Black.