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Subject Introducing COWON PLENUE M2 High Quality Audio Player Date 2016.07.22
SINCETIMES (Formerly COWON System) announced that COWON’s PLENUE M2 will be launched on July 11th to succeed the PLENUE M.

The Isometric Edge design and the front face multifunction static button of the PLENUE M2 are eye-catching. The internal memory capacity has doubled to 128GB, and it has a built-in high performance amp, which is crucial for HD sound playback. Another feature that makes the PLENUE M2 stand out is the precision tuning feature that allows a more defined HD sound control.

As the flagship device of the PLENUE series, the PLENUE M2 succeeds the outstanding hardware performance of the PLENUE series. It is equipped with Burr-Brown’s top-of-the-line Hi-Fi audio system DAC PCM1795, and it boasts optimum acoustic performance with 120dB SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)and 0.0007% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). It utilizes TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) to deliver accurate and stable HD sound by adjusting to changes in temperature and voltage, and it is also equipped with the latest JetEFffect 7 and BBE+ to satisfy the musical preferences and acoustic needs of the users. It incorporates Cortex Dual Core CPU based embedded Linux operating system for fast and stable operation.

COWON’s PLENUE M2 has a built-in high performance amp. Its circuitry is designed to deliver high voltage and output to implement powerful driving performance, which allows the users to use high impedance headphones without a need for a separate headphone amp. Precision sound tuning provides outstanding audio resolution for low and high frequencies, which makes the PLENUE M2 suitable for use with any type of receiver. The USB DAC connection feature allows easy connection to a PC to enjoy crystal clear HD sound. It has a high-speed 128 internal memory as well as a microSD slot that can be expanded to up to 256 GB, which provides users with sufficient storage for large-sized audio files. 3,000mAh large-capacity Li-Polymer battery delivers a stable playback environment.

The 3.7” AMOLED Display on the front face supports full touch response features with intuitive control GUI, which allows Touch & Drag search features, equalizer settings, etc. at the tip of your fingers. Furthermore, it clearly displays a variety of player skin designs, matrix browser, high-resolution album art, stereo level meter, etc. to enhance audio and visual experience and enjoyment. It has physical buttons on the side surface for playback, volume, and search control, as well as a multifunction button on the bottom of the front face, which allows the user to view the music list, navigate quickly to the current song or settings screen, etc. for increased user convenience.

Electrical GND is applied to the seamless platinum silver full metal unibody to prevent noise, and the solid processed body case that implements high-fidelity audio is also noticeable. The rear side has a hairline finishing with anodized surfacing for a luxurious appearance. The asymmetrical design on the left side provides enhanced grip, and it is ergonomically designed for easy single hand operation. The head portion, which is partitioned with a golden ratio from an Isometric view, has the power button positioned lower than the body’s surface to increase usage convenience and also to prevent the button from being accidentally pressed. An LED indicator surrounds the button to easily identify the device’s operation status.

CEO Nam Gyu Park said, “PLENUE M2 is superior to its predecessor in performance and design” and added, “The built-in high performance amp and precision tuning allows users to enjoy the music that they love with higher quality audio. We anticipate that it will broaden the consumers’ options in the high quality audio player marker.”

Also, to celebrate the launching of PLENUE M2, luxurious leather case and screen protective film will be given to purchasing customers, and consumers can visit COWON’s website (www.cowon.com) to purchase the PLENUE M2 and receivers designed in collaboration with Sennheiser and Shure at a special price.

PLENUE M2 will be available in platinum silver, and its price is 899,000\.