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Subject PLENUE Series 2nd Generation Model COWON 'PLENUE 2' Release Date 2017.03.07
SINCETIMES (formerly COWON Systems) announced that it will launch 'PLENUE 2', the 2nd generation model of the high-resolution audio player COWON PLENUE series, on March 14th.

'PLENUE 2' underwent an overhaul from design to hardware under the theme of 'New Experience and Impression.'

It is equipped with the latest AK4497EQ DAC, AKM's state-of-the-art premium solution based on VELVET SOUND technology, which reduces noise and distortion to a minimum and boosts the performance of audio DAC to the highest level. With six digital filters that can be micro tuned, it can tune the original sound to exceed the hearing limit, further expanding the scope of our original sound playback technology. With a Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 123dB, Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise of 0.0005%, and Stereo Crosstalk of -139dB, it boasts a remarkable level of acoustic performance.

Equipped with TI's upgraded SoundPlus high-performance amplifiers, its driving performance has become more powerful, allowing it to support high impedance Hi-Fi headphones without separate headphone amplifiers. It is optimally compatible with any receiver, allowing users to enjoy more complete sound in a wide range of frequencies.

It uses the Precision Dual TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator), which considers temperature and voltage changes to provide accurate and stable HD sound. With a 2.5mm high-quality balanced output function and the latest JetEffect 7, it fulfills the customer's need for various music preferences and pitches. It perfectly plays the DSD sound source through the Native TX DSD method, which transmits DSD Native data directly to the DAC through Serial. It incorporates the Cortex Dual Core CPU-based embedded Linux operating system for fast operating speed and proven product stability. It supports USB DAC so users can enjoy crystal clear HD sound when connected to a PC. It has a high-speed 128 internal memory, as well as a microSD slot that can be expanded up to 256 GB, which provides sufficient storage for large-sized audio files.

The dual control wheel located at the top of the device is PLENUE 2's greatest feature in terms of both functionality and design, providing a more refined user experience. The wheel can be easily used by turning. The left multi-purpose wheel can be used to control various functions, such as changing the DAC filter, changing the JetEffect preset, previous/next track, rewind/fast forward, and display brightness. The right volume wheel allows for 140 levels of detailed volume control in 0.5 dB increments. The round LED light on the bottom of the wheel, which was not featured in previous products, gives it a more luxurious feel by subtly displaying the operational status of the device in two colors: white and red.

The 3.7” AMOLED Display on the front face supports a full touch response feature allowing one to use the Touch & Drag search feature, equalizer, and volume settings, etc. at the tip of your fingers. The newly designed GUI includes high-resolution album art, a matrix browser, and a 2-channel level meter that displays stereo output in real time, capturing analog sensibility. It provides a UCI environment, which allows self-tuning of the interface by users for various GUI customizations. In addition to the physical buttons for power, playback, and navigation on the side of the device, it has a multi-function button on the bottom of the front face, which allows users to view the music list and navigate quickly to the current song or settings screen, etc. for increased user convenience.

'PLENUE 2', which won the world-renowned iF Design Award, has a solid body made by processing high-strength aluminum. Its structure is rigidly designed for all the components and features an open void space, giving it outstanding aesthetics that contrasts structure and space. The asymmetrical design on the right side provides enhanced grip, and it is ergonomically designed for easy single hand operation. The product is finely finished with the latest construction technique using Carved Glass material. The rear surface is patterned with the PLENUE symbol on tempered glass, and the surface was micromachined so that its appearance changes according to the viewing direction, creating a mystical effect.

According to CEO Park Nam-gyu, '’PLENUE 2’ is an evolution and a leap forward for the PLENUE series, which features all the technological prowess of COWON”. He added, 'We look forward to users having new experiences and impressions through more evolved designs and vivid original sounds.”